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Privacy Matters — because this too affects how we build our business and brand.

Say No To Email Tracking



Remember, marketers often use pixel tracking within emails to determine if you’ve opened an email and where from. By disabling auto-downloading of images in your email client, you can bypass that.

Is Your Privacy Worth A Cookie?

It Explains A Lot

As long as there are people willing to give away their data for the taste of a cookie (or selfie with one), I will no longer wonder how some apps and social media platforms continue to attract users regardless of their privacy stands – or even ethics.

Maybe, you wonder if there really are some people who don’t care about their data or who they give it away to.

This link should help you wonder no more:
How Much of Your Data Would You Trade for a Free Cookie? – ProPublica

Enjoy your cookies folks, but please stop wondering why companies seem so successful in monetizing our data – we let them and there are those who are more than willing to let them.

Facebook and OkCupid Psych Studies Are Illegal

Not Just Unethical

We aren’t saying that companies shouldn’t do experiments. We’re just saying that when companies do experiments, they must do them ethically. Informed consent and IRB review aren’t just the right thing. They’re the law.

This is a must-read article on why Facebook’s and OkCupid’s psych experiments on their users were not only unethical, but illegal.

As a former product guy, I’ve seen through the strawman reasoning from companies trying to convince us that this is all normal A/B testing. It is not.

Now here is the legal reasoning why it’s illegal:

Illegal, unethical, and mood altering

I hope that every board member, C-suite exec, and Product Manager takes the time to read the article linked above. It’s time for companies to educate themselves on what responsible research looks like and what the law permits.