Enough Skulduggery

Okay, enough with the ad tracking. From telcos modifying our internet traffic (header enrichment), to once user-centric Twitter supporting the practice with its ad arm MoPub, to Facebook wanting to track us offline with its Atlas Ad platform, to Pinterest’s pixel tracking ads, to LinkedIn’s head of global advertising operations comment on ad industry tracking, “It’s like we’re at war with our users,” – I’m ready to go Mace-Windu-lightsaber-bashing on the next targeted ad I see.

The skulduggery and underhanded shenanigans that targeted ads represent is mind boggling to me. Our data is the currency of today and its being sold on every corner.

So here are my choice tweets from last night.


Finally, I took to ad-free Ello: Ello | teanee

The above is just my personal opinion of course and writing it here just a way to vent some steam over this practice at a time when privacy and online pseudonymity is the new cool.


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