We Care About Our Data

81 per cent of adults said they feel not very or not at all secure using social media sites when they want to share private information with another trusted person or organization.

Social media platforms need to come to the realization that their users care about privacy and how our data is used.

According to a Pew study, consumers believe they have lost control over their personal data – by a whopping 91%.

I’m passing along this TechCrunch article on the topic as a pubic service announcement. Maybe, it’s more of a wake up call to social media sites which need to be more transparent about how they actually collect and use our information. They also need to respect their user’s privacy concerns with concrete action.

TechCrunch Pew Privacy Article

Another tid-bit on why companies should care:

(64 per cent) of those polled believe government should do more to regulate ad company behavior and rein in what advertisers can do with users’ personal data.

The next big social thing will come from someone who actually gets this.


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