It works for those who prune and pick without a care about follower counts.

I'm unsure exactly what's happening inside of Twitter these days or how the power flows, but one thing is clear, Twitter picked the wrong people to please.

Someone wants Twitter to become Facebook. They think that algorithms will make Twitter more attractive to new users. They think they have the right solutions to Twitter's growth problems.

You Can’t Please Everyone Twitter, But Please The Right People!

I wrote that awhile back and still feel the same – especially after reading this article from Lance Ulanoff: Twitter must be saved

I agree – it must be saved. However the people who often complained and pushed Twitter in certain directions are the ones still complaining as the platform looks for a buyer or new strategy.

We need to stop caring about vanity numbers.

I used to add dozens, even hundreds of new followers every month. Now, leaving aside Apple events where my live-tweeting can add 300 new followers in a day, my growth closely matches Twitter’s. It never goes down, but the march is slow and incremental, at best.

So, stop caring about follower counts and tweet about what interests you – be transparent and real. It seems that those who look at Twitter only through marketing goggles or vanity numbers offer the most complaints about Twitter along with ill-thought solutions.

One has to select who to follow just as carefully as we would pick our tea leaf of choice for the month. Picking any tea leaf just to stock the pantry will lead to a poor tasting cuppa.

Twitter works for those who never pay attention to follower counts or retweet numbers. It works for those who pick and prune out the spammy look-at-me-everything-I-tweet-is-important accounts.

Those who followed whomever they could, without putting in the time to select for quality and interest, pushed Twitter to adopt the UX mess it calls a timeline. The algorithmic maze and attempts to tame Twitter for the masses just distanced the folks who liked tweeting or consuming tweets by the serendipitous sip.

Blue conversation lines, while you were aways, non-consistent timeline cards and algorithmic timelines are good reasons why many power users go to 3rd party apps to tweet. Without Tweetbot, I probably wouldn't be around Twitter as it burns according to mainstream.

Twitter is the best place for real time updates.

Twitter, though, often even fails in one of its core strengths: News dissemination. It’s is a system that is almost set-up to be gamed.

I couldn't disagree more. Personally, I've learned more about breaking news events – often historic stuff – through Twitter first. Twitter leads any other social platform for this use case alone.

When something major is happening, Twitter is the best place to learn about it in real time from my experience.

Google would be a bad parent for Twitter.

As for whose hands. I still think Google with its powerful knowledge graph and impressive AI is the best partner.

Google does not have social in its DNA. It has proved this over and over again.

How long would it take Google to enforce a real name policy?

Did you catch this: Google quietly made a major privacy policy change — and barely anyone noticed

Too many opinions about what Twitter should do have just been wrong.

Again, I'll offer that Twitter is not meant to be for everyone.

I still sip my tea while tweeting, but I'd be gone in a flash if Tweetbot ever left.

They said there would be tea leaves and tacos – now this place is up for sale.

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