But the one thing we do, which I think no one else does, is integrate hardware, software, and services in such a way that most consumers begin to not differentiate anymore. They just care that the experience is fantastic.
Tim Cook

Doing Fantastic

Fantastic isn’t something that just happens – well rarely. It’s something that takes work – it has to be done, cooked.

I get what Mr. Cook is saying. The user experience matters to us. I helped make some of them for goodness sake. Yet, for every smiling user, there are memories of those asking, “WHY?!”

“Why” is one of those questions that I often ask when finding a poorly designed anything. So when I’ve contributed to others asking it, I slap myself on the forehead, learn from it and make it better whenever possible.

This small corner of the web is not a place to find fantastic though. I’m hopefully making that happen elsewhere, for others. Here – I’m not cooking. I’m just steeping and sipping.

Tea is my beverage of choice – it keeps things in perspective, when the perspective needs a little adjustment that coffee just wont touch for me. It’s a gentle, feel-good escape in a cup.

So beyond the occasional tea mention, this is just one more corner piled with social media, interweb and user experience words.

I’m no guru (a rather distasteful word) or expert, but just that guy with an opinion on things I’m doing. I’ll share an occasional experience or thought on something I’m doing with social, design or UE. Maybe you’ll find something helpful or interesting.

More realistically, I’ll be the one helped. Writing is a great way to find some solitude while entertaining myself over a cuppa tea.

So don’t look for fantastic here or even pretty pictures. I’m more of a plain text kind of person. Personal thoughts and opinions will flow though.

John Camarillo

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