At some point, you'll want to share a link or URL inside your Markdown document.

Rather than go into a lot explanation or variation, here is the basic way to do it.

Markdown Link Example

Here is a URL:

To place this in your Markdown document do this:


  1. Put parenthesis around the URL

  2. Put a pair of square brackets in front of that

  3. Inside the brackets, type a name or label that will become the clickable word(s) when your Markdown document is translated fully into HTML (we'll talk about that in another blog).

That's it. You now know about 90% of what you need to know for writing Markdown documents if you read the preceding articles too from this series.

You can stop here if you just want a basic understanding of Markdown, or I hope continue with our Write Once, Post Anywhere blog series to unlock the reason why this is such a powerful writing tool.

Don't worry, there's no charge or required subscriptions to reach the end of this series. I just want to share a great tool that saves me time and headache on a daily basis.


5. Insert An Image In Markdown

Learn how to insert an image in a Markdown document.

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