Category: User Experience

UX Matters — it just does. Too many large websites and brands fail to understand that UX lives beyond the screen.

Ad Tech is Cancer

Stop Supporting It

The ad tech world is cancerous to the web. Rather than being a successful path for publishers and businesses to monetize their business models, ad tech has alienated end-users while earning a stigma equivalent to cancer.

Stop Using Link Shorteners

Stop Obscuring Your Brand

We are at the end of 2016 and this is my free tip to everyone – a repeat one to be exact. If you want to share a URL (from your blog or website perhaps) and your workflow involves using a link shortening service (such as, or another) – STOP.

Every Product Decision Is A UX Decision

Because Even The Smallest Of Decisions Can Affect The User Experience

When Apple decided to remove the “time remaining” estimate with their macOS 10.12.2 update, the reasoning behind this product decision (accurate or not) affected not just how users perceived this MacBook “Pro” fix, but Apple itself.