About Those Twitter 280 Character Metrics

There were lots of pretty metric charts released in the official Twitter blogs that spin a good tale on why increasing the tweet count to 280 characters is no big deal. These are the questions a good product manager would ask though:

Twitter Going To 280 Characters Bad For UX

So don’t expect people to read content that seems neither easily scannable nor relevant for them, therefore long text blocks, unnecessary instructions, promotional writing and “smalltalk” should be avoided on the web.

Identify The Root Cause, Not The Symptoms

The Symptom Google and Facebook fight opt-in consent Google and Facebook no likey the idea … that would require broadband providers and websites to obtain users’ opt-in consent before they use Web browsing history and application usage history for advertising and other purposes or before they share that information with other entities.

Ad Tech is Cancer

Stop Supporting It The ad tech world is cancerous to the web. Rather than being a successful path for publishers and businesses to monetize their business models, ad tech has alienated end-users while earning a stigma equivalent to cancer.

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