The Symptom

Google and Facebook fight opt-in consent

Google and Facebook no likey the idea …

that would require broadband providers and websites to obtain users’ opt-in consent before they use Web browsing history and application usage history for advertising and other purposes or before they share that information with other entities.

The Root Cause

It’s not that Google and Facebook are being evil again, it’s that we are allowing the privacy discussion to be framed in a way that ignores the root cause. As long as ad tech is given the green light to be the mule that pulls practically all of today’s tech and publishing businesses toward quarterly goals, we’ll get anti-privacy (and awful UX) results. Companies will continue to act against users’ best interests because no one really wants to address the root cause.

When—or if—mainstream finally acknowledges that ad tech has been the root cause behind so many privacy blunders (not to mention fake news and filter bubble effects), we might finally start to pursue the needed changes that so many users groan for.

But, who is going to really support and stop the gravy train that is called—Ad Tech?

We seem too focussed on “evil” tech names that are only symptoms.

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