Biking From A Utilikilt

From Two Wheels And A Utilikilt

One of the things I’ve noticed during a recent trip to the library is that there are an aweful lot of books about social media – even one titled, “Social Media is BS”.

There’s lots of guru advice out there – some good, some ridiculous.

Personally, I’ve never liked the word guru. I do like meeting new people and conversing on a range of topics though. Through conversations and social media engagement, we all pick up tips though that can be useful – especially when figuring out how to tie today’s social media platforms together in a way that shares our professional or business stories in interesting ways.

The bottom line is that when someone considers themself a guru, they have the wrong mindset when it comes to being social.

Personally, my social media strategy is closely tied to keeping an ear close to the ground – or from a bike even. I enjoy cycling around and prefer the open air two wheel approach over a four door closed window route.

On a sunny warm day, you might find me pedaling to a meeting or just doing a bit of recon. I find it much easier to meet folks from a bike. It’s also easier to just spark up a conversation and find out what’s working for others and what’s not in social media.

For me, biking is a mobile social strategy.

So if some friendly guy pedals up to you and asks what you think about the latest Twitter redesign, he’s not just some everyday wacko. If he happens to be wearing a Utilikilt – it just means that it must be spring.

I still read books, but often they’re for entertainment purposes (including some of the social media ones).

Today’s business can’t ignore social media without sending the wrong message. To do so is like saying, “Keep buying our stuff, but we’re not really interested in what you have to say about it.”

Consumers today like being able to learn about your story via social media. We like knowing that we can reach you when necessary via a tweet or post somewhere.

Sure there are the horror stories from time-to-time when brands get social media conversations very wrong. However, even PR storms are opportunities to help share a positive tone and create a searchable archive for others to observe your prowess during tempests in a teapot.

No Guru

I’m no guru – just someone who wants to learn something new each day, often from the seat of a bike and a view from a handlebar. I can bring some corporate experience and a healthy respect for user experience to any product or service conversation though.

I prefer though a fresh cuppa tea and creative way to tell a new story. Maybe we can share one together.

Of course, all of this pedaling recon stuff might just also be a good excuse to get ready for May’s National Bike Month. Yes, I’ll be joining Bike to Work Day on May 16th. I just have to find where the pixels will be on that day.

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