Why Us

why say teaz.me

Your Story Deserves The Right Vibe

Your website and social media presence needs to teaz while attracting new customers.

We believe the following items are important to any business: Appearance, SEO, User Experience and Performance. However…

Why you should choose “teaz.me” will include stuff inside the teapot and that’s not always seen.

A Positive Vibe Includes:


A new website can involve many moving pieces that all need to come together. Our background is steeped in user experience and simplifying. TeazMedia will keep things on an understandable and sensible path. Whether your approach is hands on or off, we’ll keep you informed in easy to understand terms while providing experienced reasons for certain design or service choices.

We believe that a destination can be reached from different paths and sometimes a change request is needed. We are easy to work with and willing to provide options.

Do you need a color changed, an image switched, or text altered? We got it covered and will be fair in our pricing.

We are pretty laid back.


Fast Support

If a fire ever heats up, you want to know that you can get help as quickly as possible. TeazMedia understands the importance of support. We always recommend platform choices and options that will keep things moving smoothly. However, if support is needed, we will be on top of it.

Fair pricing is important to you. Meeting your budget goal is important to us too.

We can provide you with options to make sure that our project costs meet your budget requirements.

Just say teaz.me and we’ll give you a fair deal.

We always try to avoid unnecessary costs.



Your time is important. We get that and will handle the details. You don’t need to be weighed down with geeky issues–unless that’s your vibe. Your website, social media or SEO campaign should only be keeping you busier by increasing your actual business–and revenue. We’ll make the best use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help guide the results you desire.
Kintsugi is a design technique. When something breaks, like a cup, it is glued back together with melted gold. Instead of making the cracks invisible, they make them beautiful. To celebrate the history of the object. What it’s been through. Thinking of our websites like this…let’s make your unique story stand out on the web.

Say teaz.me for a tasteful look at what we do.

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