Sharing the Flavor & a Story

A brand’s message is a flavor that makes a business distinctive. Every good story can be described in just a few words. I feel that what those words are, can make all the difference.

I’m not talking about keywords today. I’m really just describing the core theme of your story.
Trying to duplicate other stories or play it safe when developing a brand message may be safe … but it can be boring and worse.
Many stakeholders in a company may be involved in forming the message that a brand stands for. Opinions will vary on what the brand message should look like. I’m not sure about others, but I think everyone in a company is involved with the user experience and that is closely tied to what the brand message becomes.
When different visions exist within a team for what the brand story is about and where it’s going, it can conflict with what the ultimate goal is – to build a story that is sharable, memorable and accomplishes something.
Describing and sharing the flavor of your brand’s story means that everyone is drinking the same tea though.

Pour from the same pot.

The bottom line that I’m sharing is the need to get key stakeholders together and make sure that everyone is describing the same cuppa tea.
Knowing what the message is that makes your story different and better than others helps everyone on a team. Sometimes it means taking a leap to be different too – so that the message stands out.
Make sure everyone is describing the flavor accurately so that those in the trenches who are directly in touch with clients, customers, users, visitors or friends know what the message should be.
The health of a good user experience depends as much on a consistent story as a great product or service.
Knowing the flavor of your story and how to communicate it will help contribute to good MRDs, PRDs, product specs, deliverables, processing, fulfillment, customer experience, ….
Getting everyone in the same pot and sharing that same story is going to affect so many things at the end of the day.
How pixels are arranged on a website is one small area of what’s described above.
In the future, I hope to share some personal experiences, primarily from a product management perspective, that helped form my own flavor on sharing good stories.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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