WordPress 3.5 MIA Post Editor [Resolved]

[UPDATE] Bulletproof Security has released update .47.7 to resolve the issue below. Initial testing indicates that all is right as rain now. That was a quick turn-around by AITpro!

It appears that the missing post editor is due to a conflict between WordPress 3.5 and the Bulletproof Security plugin. See this discussion : Post Editor missing in WP 3.5 after upgrade.

Missing Post Editor Menu Effects

This bug happens to clean up the look of the editor – not necessarily a bad thing. Relying on the WYSIWYG editor makes blogging more painful though. However, using markdown means that one can continue to plug away with the writing. Yep, this is another plug for why markdown is as smooth as a cuppa tea.

Unfortunately, this is interfering with the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin – not a good thing and tag creation.

I’m going to ride out this issue rather than manually correct it so that I have a better feel for how long it takes an update for this plugin to seep through the WP system. If you need to delete the Bulletproof Security plugin though, here are the steps:

  1. Activate Default Mode on the Security Modes page.
  2. Use the Delete wp-admin .htaccess feature on the Security Modes page.
  3. Deactivate and delete BPS on the WP Plugins page.

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