The Little Things Matter Most

WordPress 3.8 has a pretty sweet looking backend. The admin area is impressive and the user interface is filled with small details that contribute to an improved user experience.


Uploading to WordPress 3.8 left me with a “Wow” impression. The admin screens and UI are gorgeous. The speed is spunky.

The Source

WordPress Official Blog

Sip Tea Over : The Little Things

Admin Color Scheme


8 new color theme options for the admin area can be selected from within the Edit My Profile menu. Just click on your username in the top right corner. The color themes include:

  • Default : colors – #222, #333, #0074a2, #2ea2cc
  • Light : colors – #e5e5e5, #999, #d64e07, #04a4cc
  • Blue : colors – #096484, #4796b3, #52accc, #74B6CE
  • Coffee : colors – #46403c, #59524c, #c7a589, #9ea476
  • Ectoplasm : colors – #413256, #523f6d, #a3b745, #d46f15
  • Midnight : colors – #25282b, #363b3f, #69a8bb, #e14d43
  • Ocean : colors – #627c83, #738e96, #9ebaa0, #aa9d88
  • Sunrise : colors – #b43c38, #cf4944, #dd823b, #ccaf0b


There’s a 4px solid #2ea2cc (blue) border-left next to each activated plugin. This makes it much easier to see which plugins are active at a quick glance.

Themes Selection


The second image is the hover state.


WP3.8 Widget Hover

The columns within the widget area are scrollable.

My Impression

WordPress 3.8 is a worthy update. I find it to be much spunkier. I personally experienced no problems during the upgrade. Uploading new media was a breeze. In fact, everything that I’m doing within the Admin area is just so much speedier for me.

The Open Sans typeface is easy to read.

The entire UI is stripped and cleaner. It’s sophisticated and sleek. Everything about WordPress 3.8 has been a pleasure for me to use.

Feel free to pass along any features that you enjoy.

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