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It’s been awhile since I first wrote about Wickr. Since then, many more privacy threatening events have come to light, like Cambridge Analytica, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum quitting over privacy disagreements with Facebook, and the 60 device platforms Facebook allowed special private data access to.

With the availability of end-to-end encrypted messaging app Wickr, I still often wonder why more people don’t use it. It’s a messaging app designed around privacy and security first with so many details thought through, including some missed by Signal.

Wickr Benefits

  • Ephemeral – messages automatically disappear
  • No phone number or email address required for set-up
  • E2E encryption
  • Company strongly supports privacy
  • Forensic deletion of memory
  • 2 message deletion timers control how long a message (read or not) lives (expires) and how long a message lives after being opened
  • Message recall deletes a message from everyone’s device
  • Sender controlled privacy model
  • Available for iOS, Android and MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Free

Be Aware and Care

The government and corporate sector preyed on our ignorance. But now we know. People are aware now. ~ E. Snowden

Wickr is for everyone. No matter how much you think that your data is unimportant, uninteresting or worthless someone else can benefit from it and harm you with it. Facebook has proven that point ad nauseam.

Today, being social requires caring about our data more. It’s not just us, it’s for our family, friends and anyone else in our contact lists.

For those who argue that Wickr is not open-source, remember: open-source is not some super power (look at recent Signal bugs).

Wickr open-sourced it’s core, has a bug bounty and a committed core team that truly respects privacy. If someone says Wickr is insecure, ask them to prove it—”crack Wickr and show me the keys”.

Find me on Wickr: teaneedz

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