Two New Categories

[Update]: Mostly moved in-the-moment posts to the Buzz category now.

In addition to what I'll refer to as regular and sometimes long-form blog posts, TeazMedia is introducing two new blog types to provide an in-the-moment snapshot of things related to UX, Social Media or Web Design.

These are things that cross my radar and are happening now.

So, they will include a date and time in the title as well.

As Seen Through Social Media On [date]

These blog posts will include a quote from a social media channel (predominantly Twitter based with a sprinkling of other media sources) and a brief commentary or opinion as it relates to my work in UX, social media and web design.

Category: SociallyQuoted

Socializing on [date]

[Updated]: Social Snap on [date]

This category will simply be a photo or screenshot of something I feel is relevant at the moment to UX, social media or web design.

Category: SocialSnap


Both of the blog types will be date or time sensitive and reflect things happening now or events just passed. I hope that this format will be useful to some – or at least provide a few lulz for others.

Thanks for visiting. I'll try and keep the leaves fresh and the tea hot.

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