This is probably what Twitter needs to know and users want to know.

Everyone knows that when you add a new feature to a product, make it on by default, few will immediately opt-out, going out of their way to hunt for the setting.

Everyone knows this except Twitter's UX department.

Twitter says few users have opted out of its new, algorithmic timeline by @sarahintampa

Has the Twitter UX team read the user feedback?

Click here to read a Conversation with @TechCrunch, @jashsf, @jobereggarcia, @mattpenndotcom, @teethinthedark, @SSComposer, @lgonso_,… (with images, tweets) · teaneedz · Storify

That kind of user feedback should make any product manager push for a strategy rethink.

Here's how to disable it from iOS:

How to disable Twitter algorithmic timeline

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