If you’re just taking your business to Twitter for the first time, I’d like to share with you the types of tweets that grab my attention.

Tweet with personality.

It’s okay to tweet a bit frivolously at times. Not every tweet needs to convey something of importance. Remember: One person’s junk is another’s LOL. Make others smile. Make your own music.

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If your entire profile page is filled with links, replies, and retweets, there is probably not much personality being shared.

One of the first places I turn to is the Profile page to see not just your bio information, but also how personable your Twitter presence is.

Conversation is important. However, posting something quirky and off-the-cuff can go a long way in helping others see that you’re real and not just another business bot.

Imagine that you’re making 140 characters sing (note: good tweets are often shorter and follow their own tune).


Sing your tweets to a different tune.

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