A Tweet Study

This is a rather good one that I wanted to pass along: Twitter Engagement Unmasked Study


Include native images in your tweets for more engagement.

So if you use Hootsuite, turn off the ow.ly picture links and set the image option to Twitter’s native service. UE and engagement outweigh analytics.

If you share pictures from Instagram to Twitter, use an auto-work-around to get those photos displaying natively on the timeline (IFTTT is one solution). Remember, shared Instagram photos might display on 3rd party Twitter clients, but they only show up as a link on the official Twitter apps and desktop version – and links are just so-so when it comes to engagement.

Also noteworthy is that the timing of tweets might not be so critical toward engagement. Miles may vary though.

Read the report carefully, because even though Instagram might now have more monthly average users, Twitter’s value and impact on media and society reigns supreme.

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