A social media meeting this week led to a happy unexpected discovery.

I didn’t realize what a cave dwelling simpleton I was until the tea friendly folks over at Skyrise Real Estate Group handed me a large bag with some kind of thank you for something TeazMedia does in its sleep.

Maybe my sleep tweeting is a skill?

The good folks at SkyriseRE decided that it was time to help bring me into the 21st century tea drinking world. Maybe, they thought it might be good to give my eyes another distraction away from timelines, feeds and blog posts.

Really, only disturb sleep tweeters if their posts can no longer be translated by Tweetbot 3!

Inside the pleasingly colored bag with characteristics of a Teavana tea shop (eyes distracted away from my screen) was a happy discovery indeed.

A couple of interesting cardboard containers inside held a very pleasingly curved tea tumblr, varities of loose leaf tea, tin airtight containers, dwarf-hearty steel teaspoon, crystal rock sugar and a clear alchemist worthy tea maker from Teavana.

Ohhh so many distractions.

I’ve discovered that the strange alchemy device was called a PerfecTea Maker. It’s a see-through mad scientist quality beaker thing that turns water into gold – toss in 3 teaspoons of Rooibos Chai with hot water, close the lid, and watch the water turn into consummable gold. After the proper steeping time of 5 minutes (for this type), place the PerfecTea maker on top of the tea tumbler and watch the liquid gold travel from beaker to tumbler. Toss in some sugar chrystals snd cosume through the writing of three blog posts, a dozen tweets and one Facebook contest with tea still hot enough to tackle a WordPress install.

Skyrise Real Estate Group, you nailed the perfect gift for me. Thank you again for being so great and allowing me to assist with your social media and design needs.

I may not be cured from sleep tweeting (nice try) but a little serendipity and kindness makes me want to write the next tweet in your honor.

First, let me watch my tea steep. Back in five.

Truely, Thank You!

You leave me speechless with your generosity. ~ teaneedz



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