Teany Random Bits January 06, 2018 at 12:40AM

ousttyer twitter terminal client

OYSTTYER Restores Twitter to the Glory Days

Do you remember when Twitter was just plain text—no images, no videos?

Do you love working from the command-line?

If the terminal is your friend and you tire of recent corporate Twitter product decisions, you should check out oysttyer.

Because …

Sometimes, you really just want to do your tweeting in a console. oysttyer is the community fork of the venerable TTYtter.

GitHub – oysttyer/oysttyer: An interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client written in Perl


You can obtain this Twitter terminal client through Homebrew if you’re on a Mac.

brew install oysttyer

Need to install Homebrew?

Installing Homebrew on macOS Sierra, Package Manager for Unix Apps


I forgot how fun Twitter can be in plain text.

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