ousttyer twitter terminal client

OYSTTYER Restores Twitter to the Glory Days

Do you remember when Twitter was just plain text—no images, no videos?

Do you love working from the command-line?

If the terminal is your friend and you tire of recent corporate Twitter product decisions, you should check out oysttyer.

Because …

Sometimes, you really just want to do your tweeting in a console. oysttyer is the community fork of the venerable TTYtter.

GitHub – oysttyer/oysttyer: An interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client written in Perl


You can obtain this Twitter terminal client through Homebrew if you’re on a Mac.

brew install oysttyer

Need to install Homebrew?

Installing Homebrew on macOS Sierra, Package Manager for Unix Apps


I forgot how fun Twitter can be in plain text.

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