Putting Steam Into Your Social Media Strategy

I’ve spent the past few days focused on various automation tools and have a very pragmatic view on it these days. Although, I’m still fully against automated social media posting and use of bots, there is a balance that can be achieved to help slay the social media windmills of exhaustion.

If something can simplify a process and save some time while not sacrificing quality and your brand image, why not consider a balance?

While I’m still against automatically syndicating content from Facebook to Twitter, because it fails to deliver a good user experience, there are numerous tools that have been tested that can save some time during content creation and syndication using a balanced approach.

Setting up the right notifications for example that automatically fire whenever a keyword or event occurs on a social platform is a great way to contribute toward a responsive social team workflow. With today’s technology, there is often more than one way to slay a bug too. In one case, I might recommend using a synced folder in the cloud to share and distribute content across a team that will be used for social media posts. In another solution though, I simply automated a process to notify the social media team whenever a key stakeholder uploaded a photo to their personal Facebook Profile that might serve as good content for the brand’s Facebook Page. An automatic email is sent out that includes the uploaded photo which can then be appropriately resized, filtered and memed. This simple process saves everyone lots of time without having to alter or add steps to the originating stakeholder’s behavior.

There are many other behind the scenes solutions that can shave time from hectec social media workflows.

Although, historically I’ve been against the outright and blatant algo frenzy automation of social media posting, perhaps, I’ve reached some sort of parley with limited automated solutions.

If you’re looking for a way to help smooth out your social media efforts and keep the steam flowing, please contact me for some in-the-trench personal experience on what has worked and what hasn’t for me.

A little automation could be the time saving gem your social strategy needs.


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