You Should Read The Feedback

Why is this trending?

Answer: An algorithmic feed may be coming to Twitter timelines very soon.

Twitter To Introduce Algorithmic Timeline As Soon As Next Week – BuzzFeed News

Confirmation is needed, but Twitter has never been exactly PR savvy. Since it's a Friday on top of it, we shouldn't hold our breath for any immediate official response from Twitter. The most likely scenario in fact will be for us to wake up with algorithmically sorted timelines and a blog post from some product manager or VP of Product (oh wait). Maybe ADAM MESSINGER will grace us with the announcement that Twitter knows what we want better than us. This will happen anytime M-F.

Twitter has historically shown us that it doesn't listen to feedback or respond to it. So even though RIP Twitter is trending with tweet after tweet telling Twitter and Jack Dorsey what a horrible idea a Facebook-like timeline is, no one should expect Twitter to alter its already set course.

Twitter wants to be Facebook. It's desperate. Users will not win and Twitter is making the same mistake that all adtech companies make. It chose the wrong people to listen to.

I'm dusting off my Twitter exit plan, just in case.

Leigh Mayo on Twitter: “Twitter algorithm…RIP Twitter”

Jack Dorsey's response on Saturday (glad to see a CEO response on Twitter):

Hello Twitter! Regarding #RIPTwitter: I want you all to know we're always listening. We never planned to reorder timelines next week.

Now what about those already stuck in the A/B test with algorithmically sorted timelines? Guess we'll see.

[Update 2]

Delivering some of that, by pushing down something else, is guaranteed to give you a better experience. Not by principle, just by math.

That was said by a former Twitter person who worked on the algorithm. Wow, UX is more than math and this guy is UX clueless.

The dismissive arrogance of Twitter personnel to user feedback is beyond contemptable. People being A/B tested are not liking the new algorithmic timeline.

Twitter better start getting its brand messaging in order. Right now, it's little wonder why the stock price is on a relentless decline. User growth is an excuse that is masking more serious issues inside of Twitter.

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