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Tweetbot is the main reason that I still use Twitter at all these days. It just seems that bluebird management is a little weak when it comes to UX. Even the data they disclosed to support the change to 280 character tweets is flawed or measuring the wrong things—that’s a different (hopefully future) blog post though.

Okay, this is for Tweetbot users.

  1. Tap/hold one of the customizable menu buttons at the bottom of the app—four icons will pop up
  2. Tap the icon that looks like a chat bubble with an “x” in the middle—you are now in the Mute Filters tab
  3. Tap on the clickable text “Add Keyword”—the cursor will now be positioned in a keyword field
  4. Type in: [\s\S]{141,}
  5. Enable the “Regular Expression” button that will display after Step 4
  6. You can enable the other buttons too or play around with them to your liking. For example, I have “Mute Searches” off so that I can see all tweets including 280 character ones during searches.
  7. For “Duration” set it to Forever (the default)
  8. You’ll see a number (/) designating matching tweets that are currently in your timeline which are greater than 140 characters. Just confirm that this is ok with you and tap Save.

Woot! You have now muted tweets greater than 140 characters from displaying on your timeline. Credit to @jemaleddin for this regex hack.

Tweetbot really makes tweeting fun again!

I’m also on team #halfacircle, tweeters who appreciate the meaning of: Brevity, Soul, Wit. It means that I won’t post tweets greater than 140 characters too.

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