Wake up, Publishers!

Is anyone home?

Ad blocking will grow.

The article above is an appeal to common sense, but that's something lacking in the publishing and advertising world today.

Instead of being UX advocates, they take this path: They TRY to block the ad blockers.

So of course there's no pity on their pleas.

Instead of saying, “Okay, we must all stop making such bad ads,” they wage war on their visitors.

The digital piracy wars should have taught them that there's no way to beat technology. They will block ad blockers for a few pageviews until we bypass those blocks with more technology.

Visitors don't want to be tracked, targeted, sold, malvertised, given megabytes of ads and tracking code for a kilobyte of content though.

Website visitors are waking up and saying no to the publishers who are still asleep and dreaming that they can stop the ad blockers.

We hear you snoring and will let you sleep as we move along to the websites that respect UX.

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