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[Update]: This site was flavored with Bootstrap 3 but is now Foundation 6 built. (more on that later)

Let’s be honest : A great many of us like sites that pop. Starting from a foundation that is quick to implement and solid on the standards allows us to build something that can shine from mobile to desktop – quickly.

Twitter Bootstrap is a great foundation that allows developers and designers to begin a site on a well thought out foundation. I won’t spend time on the technical reasons why Bootstrap rocks, but want to address why it might be good to forget those who tell the web, “Please, stop using Twitter Bootstrap.”

Ok, designers have an eye for detail and quickly get bored. However, just because a foundation begins with some common eye candy – like a dark navbar, large hero area or Helvetica Neue – doesn’t mean that creativity stops there, or should stop there.

From my personal experience, Bootstrap is fun to work with and quick to adapt in many situations – from hand-rolled sites, boxed and ready to go Initializr solutions or WordPress layouts.

Starting from a standard Bootstrap foundation, the real creative work can begin. You can do whatever you want with that navbar and some solutions on the web allow you to customize it in different ways – or just tackle the CSS/LESS yourself.

A Bootstrap site does not have to look like a Bootstrap site. Take a look at some of these sites:

Built With Bootstrap

Here’s one I’m playing with:

Bootstrap is just a starting point. It saves time with the fundamental stuff and frees up the creative juices for making a site look however you want it to look.

Times New Roman does not describe what Bootstrap is or needs to be. A good designer, can make anything pop. Some look only at the surface and not the possibilities though.

Bootstrap offers much in the way of possibilities.

Please keep using Bootstrap – it will lead to more interesting sites as you play with the look. If you’re not feeling the love, there’s nothing that prevents us from mixing it up.

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