Much of my content is produced from within an Apple or UNIX environment. If you use Windows or Android just remember that any text editor that allows you to save.txt files will work for writing content in Markdown. The file though should be saved so that it ends in .md or .markdown. I think that .md is more prevalent though and better since it's shorter.


I've used lots of Markdown apps, but two really stick out.

Editorial: This is the power users choice with lots of great features. If you get this app, spend time learning about the workflows feature which allows you to automate often repeated writing steps. The app adds a row to the top of the keyboard with the most often used Markdown keys.

Byword: Another popular choice, Byword is a clean writing experience probably best for those who want to keep it simple. The UI is clean. It also adds a Markdown row of buttons to the top of the keyboard. Also, because there is an OS X version available, it is a good choice if you want a similar app experience on both platforms.

I recommend either, but personally favor Editorial for the power features like workflows.


There are many choices to pick from for a good text editor – too many to list actually. As mentioned above, Byword is available for the Mac and is a very nice experience in full-screen mode. I often use BBEdit which is a powerful old school editor that handles and manipulates text like a wise old kung fu master. Of course, TextEdit works fine too since it's already included with OS X.


Notepad maybe. There are more powerful options available too.


You know enough about text editors if you are on this platform. My favorite though is VIM. There's nothing like the speed of rolling out text if you're a keyboard speed maniac – you spin circles around any GUI environment.


I think you get the picture, just pick an app that allows you to save and read .md files – which are just plain text files with the Markdown extension.

Let's Learn About Headers

Quickly learn about Markdown headers.

Thank you for joining me in this Write Once, Post Anywhere series.

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