Tweeting Off Twitter

This is my first day of deliberately not tweeting.

Reason: The official response from Jack Dorsey and the silent response of Twitter’s board over the Alex Jones affair will keep me from both tweeting and consuming ads on their platform. Their ivory tower governance demonstrates a lack of empathy and corporate responsibility for the users and folks emotionally and financially impacted by the lies of Alex Jones.

Dorsey can choose to condescend and spin a story of keeping a bully on the platform for conversation purposes, but most see it as just an attempt to cater to ad dollars and growth.

Dear @jack. You don’t enforce your “rules”. You don’t penalize the deliberate and repeated promulgation of hoaxes, false news and conspiracy theories. Your only “rule” is growth at all costs. I’m sure your safety team means well and tries, but your corporate commitment is absent. ~ @waltmossberg

History has proven that logical and factual responses to falsehoods means nothing to certain voices and their devotees. It only magnifies messages that are harmful. Free speech is not free from consequences and constantly yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is none, should result in a ban.

Civil discussions serve a purpose, but at some point a line is drawn for the greater good when actual harm is being done.

Human decency matters more than growth.

Opinion | Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will. – The New York Times

I guess for now, I will bring my small thoughts (50 words or less) here until I read that Twitter management has come out of the ivory tower to face reality. I probably won’t hear about it on Twitter, but I survived long enough on RSS to be able to walk away from Twitter at any time.

HeresThaTea will identify my new off-tweet short posts.

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