It's sites like The Verge.

Websites load slower these days because of ad tech gone awry. That applies to mobile and desktop.

Nilay Patel's article about needing a more powerful robust web really underscores a need for a leaner ad tech world.

One reason that ad blocking usage is on the rise is that folks are seeing crazy fast load speeds again when ads are stripped out.

Load The Verge site for example using the iOS Ghostery app and see how fast stuff loads as it strips all of the tracking and ad scripts from the site. Shoot, it even shows you the cruft it has disabled too.

Browser extensions for the desktop like Ghostery and uBlock accomplish the same thing too. People are always amazed at how fast the web becomes once more when these extensions are installed.

So, what has become terrible are all of the scripts and 3rd party tracking that support this ad world we live in.

I'm definitely looking forward to iOS 9 which should help drive this point home even further. iOS 9 will give an official nod to ad blocking. Ad tech needs to adjust and become leaner or else we users will continue to deny your site our eyes as we find the publishers who really get it.

Really, it's the ad and publishing world that needs to adjust.

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