Imagine if Netflix asked you to turn off your firewall or disable your anti-virus just to watch one of their outdated movies.

The recent attack on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) is the equivalent of the above. Netflix is blocking VPN access to their service even when it doesn't violate their region policy.

The message that Netflix is sending doesn't just stop with the image below:

Netflix says to turn off our VPN

The brand message it sends is: We Don't Care About Your Cybersecurity!

Turning off a VPN in many cases doesn't affect just a single user and single device – it can affect many users on the same network and many devices. Putting an entire family's security at risk for one movie, causing UX friction, and simply not caring is a great path toward poor quarterly reports and stagnating user growth. The negative sentiment alone can tarnish a brand so much that it loses positive word-of-mouth traction as it drives many users back to pirating movies instead of paying Netflix.

Cybersecurity is more valuable than a stagnating library, Netflix.

Netflix VPN Anti-Cybersecurity Policy

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