Wickr Is The Best Ephemeral Messenger I’ve Tried

[Update]: Wickr is great for short term conversations that don’t require a long life. Signal is a secure messaging app that also provides longevity when necessary, but also has an disappearing message feature now too.

Snapchat may be nice for those quick on-a-whim photos that you want to draw on, add MPH to, or use a B&W filter on, but for the best no-nonsense truly secue ephemeral messaging experience, Wickr is king.

Just read the app description :
Wickr iOS App

It’s also available for Android in addition to iOS.

The app description pretty much speaks for itself.

Besides photos and videos, you can include text messages, audio, PDFs, files from Dropbox or Google Drive, and those that are on your saved camera roll. Every message, even each reply within a conversation, can have its own ephemeral timer before it explodes and deletes itself – anywhere from 3 seconds to 6 days.

The messages are not even stored on Wickr’s servers.

The Wickr app will completely erase deleted messages from your device behind the scenes, unlike Snapchat which just rewrites the file names of your deleted photos. You might want to read about the new replay function in Snapchat which gives greater power to the recipient as well. Wickr’s solution is more permanent and secure.

The app even strips off meta-data from attached files. That means embedded information in your photos that can include time/date taken or location will not be included when using Wickr.

Wickr gets privacy down to the smallest details.

For example, notifications pop up to let you know that you have a new message to read, but wont display who it’s from until you open up the app. Even when you check out your background apps by double-clicking on your iPhone/iPad/Touch home button, you will just see a blacked out screen above the Wickr app name – not a shot of where you were at in the app last. All of this is designed for our privacy.

From its secure and non-invasive use of my device’s contact list – if you choose to allow it access to – to a statement by one of its founders, I’m really impressed.

The last thing I want to do is sell to Facebook. They’re the devil. This type of a communication is a human right. Everyone in the world deserves it, and I’d never sell to a company that would complicate that.
Nico Sell, Co-founder – Wickr

Wickr is my go-to messenger app these days because it is trying to take a stand for better privacy. You can reach me there under username: ‘teaneedz’.

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