Okay, this is the stuff that will finish up our Markdown learning course. Well, at least 99% of it. In the next post, I'll wrap up by showing you the Power of Markdown.

How To Emphasize Words

Place an asterisk at both ends of your word or phrase.
*emphasized phrase*
In many cases this will appear italicized.

How To Strongly Emphasize Words

Place double asterisks at both ends of your word or phrase.
**strongly emphasized phrase**
In many cases this will appear bold. You could also use underscores instead of asterisks for emphasis and strong emphasis.

How To Make Lists In Markdown

Start each line of your list with an asterisk (you could use a dash too).
* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3
In many cases this will appear as a bulleted list.

How To Make A Numbered List In Markdown

Just start each line of your list with a number.
1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3

How To Place A Quotation In Markdown

Just place a right angle bracket at the beginning of a quotation line.
> This is a quotation.
In HTML-speak, this is called a blockquote.

How To Place Example Code In Markdown

Place back-ticks at both ends of your inline code example. You only need to know this section if you also code and want to share some of it as an example.
example code

For longer code blocks use a tab or 4 spaces to indent each line of your code example.

That's it for less used Markdown.

Now for the climatic end to really tie everything together and hopefully demonstrate why Markdown is so powerful.

Next, in our Write Once, Post Anywhere series:

7. The Power Of Markdown

This is why you might benefit from writing Markdown.

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