Don’t Touch The Hot Water Knob

In need of a change? Low on energy? Flustered?

For about a month I’ve been on a new morning routine – cold showers. It goes like this :

  1. Jump in the shower, turn the cold water knob on and angle the shower head all over my body.


  3. Lather up, scrub, rinse.

  4. Do all the shaving inside the shower.

  5. Stand under cold water for a few minutes.

  6. Get out, dry off and take my time combing/dressing. There are no chills since the room is already warmer.

The results are pretty amazing. I’m not only wide awake but have a new level of energy. All of the cobwebs in the brain are cleared and I’m smoother (cold water shaving made a difference!) — and no foggy mirrors.

When I started this routine about a month ago, I began by adding a little warm water so that my body could adjust to the change.

Now, I don’t even bother touching the hot water knob – even on a cold morning.

Okay, this may not be for everyone, but if you’re willing to live a bit on the edge for a few showers (and not worry about shrinkage if you’re a guy), you’ll probably be hooked like I am. You won’t want to go back.

I can’t express how much more energy I have.

Flying against common wisdom (maybe sense) I even jumped into a cold shower while I had a cold. It immediately cleared up my sinuses and made me feel really good. My wife was really surprised at how well I looked afterwards. It was better than taking any cold meds and I could function better for several hours. I read that showering when sick was a good idea — even if most recommend warm to hot showers. Well, I’m here to say that a cold shower did the trick for me and didn’t leave me with any chills later.

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This is a pretty interesting article that I read before I started my cold water showering routine.
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If you’re a woman, see the cold shower section in this article (note firm breasts – if you’re into that):
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Your miles may vary, but I’m definitely hooked on my morning cold showers. I’m working on getting my wifey in there next.

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