2nd Ello

I love writing in Markdown. It’s how I chill, sip and be randomly plain texty. So, after my initial experience of joining Ello didn’t go so well due to what I now believe was a wrong email address, I decided to give Ello another whirl.

It’s not so much that I believe it will be the next big thing (maybe it will, or maybe it won’t) – but I support any platform that enables Markdown for text editing. One that says it will keep ads out of the picture is especially noteworthy for a social platform.

I’m really tired of all the tracking and believe that Ello has a good mantra.

Ello was kind enough to send me another invite after informing me that my original account can’t be accessed due to that email typo (thank you predictive text).

So come say Ello to teanee
(yes, I can drop a character or two in my name too – especially since teaneedz is taken by a zombie account with a wrong email addy)


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