Stop Making Us Think

Is This Clickable

Just because everyone’s doing it or something looks cool, don’t think that’s how your website should look.

Please don’t think that because your younger users can adapt to poorly designed interfaces you’ve got a blank check to design careless, signifier-free interfaces

Flat Design Increases Cognitive Load

This is a must read from NN/g.

Often today’s designs follow a form over function philosophy. Many designers and creators though lack UX chops when it comes the details of usability.

We’ve moved from real world skeumorphism to the opposite zero-affordance flat design approach. Thankfully, the pendulum is swinging back to a more balanced approach. Flat design was always irksome for those who eat and breath UX.

We need to stop creating unnecessary questions for our website visitors. Intuitive design that is founded on proven UX principles will always be the best design choice for a business.

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