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Have you discovered DuckDuckGo yet? Google it. Better yet, Duck it. It’s what Google used to be – in a good way.

It’s my go to search engine now.

It’s More Than 13% Organic

If you haven’t seen the article below yet, you might want to read it – especially if you’re a Google it type of person. I thought it was interesting.

Tutorspree Blog — How Google is Killing Organic Search

The Googleopoly of SERPS is making DuckDuckGo (DDG) more useful for me on a regular basis. When I query a search item using DDG, I like the simple results and lack of Googley ads and products.

DuckDuckGo is doing more than 13% above the fold organic results. The zero-click box at the top of a DDG page is pretty slick with its quick relevant info view. There’s one sponsored link below that and then an official site link related to the query if one exists.

In other words, there’s useful display results above the fold with DDG – without the need for scrolling. Of course there’s endless scrolling too if you want to dive deeper.

Isn’t Personalized Better?

I’ve heard some say that it’s the personalized and targeted approach of Google that makes it a better search experience.

Maybe that’s true for some, but I prefer to control the targeting by refining my own search query in DDG. I’ll just type in another keyword myself while avoiding what DuckDuckGo calls the Bubble Filter.

If I want a localized search, I’ll type the location in a DDG search.

I’m also willing to give DDG my search inquiries just because it is trying to watch the backs of its users. See the Privacy Policy.

DDG is taking a user first approach to search, privacy and simplicity.

Oh, personalizing my DDG search with the !Bang syntax gives me even greater control. The video mentions this, but you have to use it to really see how useful it can be.

DuckDuckGo !Bang

I’m a ducking it kind of person these days. It probably appeals to the quack in me.

[Update:] GNOME chooses to quack with DuckDuckGo.

Seriously, it makes my heart happy to see others going the DuckDuckGo way.

Today, we have switched the default search engine in Web from Google to DuckDuckGo.
Claudio Saavedra’s ChangeLog – August 2013

The GNOME Project made the decision to use DuckDuckGo as it’s default search engine for Web.
Who is GNOME?
It’s a desktop environment for Linux.
Okay, but that doesn’t mean too much, does it?
Well, my response is this:
When a bunch of geeks in the know choose DDG over Google, it’s time to take notice.

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