Like Us Being Quiet

Is the Like Us On Facebook message being done too much?

I think that the Like us on Facebook call to action might be over-cooked on the interwebs these days.

Mainstream consumers probably know that they can Like a business, brand or product on Facebook whenever they want.

Haven’t we reached the point, that we can assume your website has a link to your Facebook Page? When we visit your site, we expect to see a Facebook & Twitter icon – maybe even more.

Last week when I was driving home, I heard a couple of radio spots ending with the ubiquitous Like on Facebook (LoFB) message.

Personally, I’d like to start hearing something more creative. Teaz me with something different. Maybe it’s time for the LoFB message to be tuned down.

What could replace LoFB?

How about :

  • Get a better whiff of us here
  • Join our conversation
  • Socialize with our community
  • Give us some love
  • Pull up your chair and join the fun
  • Tweet #ATeazingHashtag

Ok, that last one is a Twitteresque message, but there is so much opportunity in using a great hashtag. Besides, the above suggestions are a bit whimsical just to make a point – add some teaz to the message.

The point I’m trying to really make is, you can Like us on Facebook to the point that I’ll look for a quieter or more creative brand Like/Follow Us message.

Telling a brand story needs to be creative and I for one, enjoy hearing it differntly.

Current trends are starting to suggest that online visitors are becoming more discerning when it comes to Liking and Following brands.

I encourage you to push the envelope when it comes to the whole Liking us message. Often, less is more.

By the way, you can Like TeazMedia if you want – but I prefer a friendly shout out, tweet or plain text message more than a click.

Talking is better than clicking.

I’ll be quiet now.

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