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A bearded dragon asks for your attention.

A beardie is not just a lizard and a tweet is not just for Facebook content.

~ Stuart G. Stickers, Beardie


Don’t use fb.me links on Twitter because Twitter is not Facebook.

Facebook’s URL shortening service is identified with hyperlinks that look like http://fb.me/… or displayed as fb.me/….

Think It Through – Twitter Is Not Facebook

Things to think about :

  • A bearded dragon is not just another lizard. Ask any Beardie friend.

  • Twitter is definitely not Facebook. Repeat: Twitter is not just another Facebook.

  • The audience and user experience is different on both platforms. There is some overlap, but don’t count on users who are found on both platforms to want their Twitter streams filled with tweets leading back to Facebook. Personally, I avoid clicking on all fb.me links.

  • Syndicating Facebook posts to Twitter along with fb.me links is easy to set up and an easy way to create a negative impression.

  • Tweets that are cut off and contain a fb.me link indicate poor social judgement. The message is, “I don’t care how my message looks on Twitter.”

  • Auto posting from Facebook to Twitter may work for a little while but the long term effects just aren’t worth it.

  • Twitter users will see through attempts to drive traffic to Facebook which ultimately backfires. There may be short term spikes during contests and special campaigns, but the long term message is that you are focussed on a Facebook audience – not Twitter. Your content will end up being limited to Facebookers – a platform that owns the social graph today but one that recent trends show to be struggling with the cool factor. Mr. Zuckerberg may say differently, but I listen to people in real time from all ages.

  • Great tweets are often well under 140 characters and contain complete thoughts.

  • I enjoy tweets, like many, because of their quick easy scannability. Fb.me links break up the rhythm of Twitter streams with broken thoughts. Do a search on Twitter for “fb.me” and notice all the tweets that are cut off with “… fb.me/yyyyyy”. They’re not very compelling.

You see, the decision to avoid using fb.me links on Twitter is really one of deciding that your Twitter friends deserve unique attention and content – not auto-posts from Facebook.

So please, don’t fb.me on Twitter.

Oh, and Stuart G. Stickers thanks you for your attention to this most scaly of topics.

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  1. All true, but enquiring minds want to know WHY they don’t work on twitter – are the links getting corrupted on the way over? If we really desperately want to resolve someone else’s fb.me link from their tweet (which happens occasionally), is there anything we can retype in the URL to make it work?

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