Don't Be An Egghead

Here is the story of someone who did. (*I recommend using an ad blocker while visiting the above link.)

From someone doing social media daily, I just want to say, it won't grow your brand.

In fact, it can hurt your reputation.

The story above is just one reason why things like Klout are meaningless. Services that try to measure online reputation fail because they are based upon numbers, number of followers – which can be bought.

When I see a Twitter account with 1,000s of followers, I'm very leery. Often, I see that those followers are spam accounts or bots when I click on the followers link by their Twitter bio section.

Those aren't the followers anyone wants though when building a brand that stands for something.

Throwing down a few bucks to buy followers not only puts your account at risk of suspension, it means that your social media presence will cost more as you keep sharing your story. Instead of reaching real fans, now your marketing costs increased to reach those 1,000s of bots and spam accounts.

There's no real shortcut to building a meaningful brand reputation. It takes a real good product/service, time and well crafted content to engage with today's social media audience – an audience that is getting smarter in identifying bogus accounts.

Pay for a meaningful strategy to share your story, not fake followers. No one should pay for egg avatars, me_123456, my-tweets-are-all-the-same followers. That's not how I steep a good brand presence.

Follow eggheads and that is what savvier others will think of your brand.

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