Not. I don’t always have my act together.

Teaneedz No Class Act

This is me, today.

I reached my destination across town, unpacked my stuff and myself, walked through the doors and realized I had forgotten my laptop.

Palm to the forehead and pensive look back at my bike through the glass doors.

I like biking it, but today I’m forced to hop back on two wheels and complete a round trip trek to retrieve my laptop like some crazed lunatic.

Sometimes, I can survive on just a phone, (I’m blogging from it now), but today I need some screen real estate for other projects.

Make Lemonade From Lemons, Right?

So as I quickly huffed and puffed it in 3rd gear across town like a true mad man, I stopped at a couple of establishments to drop off my business card.

A little marketing along the journey can’t hurt – hopefully.

So I apologize if you received a business card today from a slightly shiny and hurried guy talking about pixels and social conversations while keeping one eye on his mode of transportation.

Thank you for accepting my card.

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