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UX Matters — it just does. Too many large websites and brands fail to understand that UX lives beyond the screen.

Not How Good Websites Work

Testing Respect

Website and product testing is done by any company that is user-centric. Visitors can be part of those tests to help a company deliver a better user experience. However, not all website testing needs to be shady and oozing creepiness.

Is It Time To Ditch Link Shorteners?

Lately, I have second thoughts whenever I click on a link that is wrapped up by a link shortener. We see them plastered across the web and Twitterverse in the form of (bitly), (Buffer), (Pocket), (Hootsuite), (Twitter), (Google), and a Middle-earth’s variety of others. One never quite knows where these Gollum links will take us at first glance or even how long the quest will be to the final destination link.

Wickr Is The Kid We Want At This Party

Wickr Camera Screen

Please Invite Wickr

Within Wickr’s latest iOS update and load of new features is the core reason why Wickr will succeed – and must. Instead of bringing a bunch of bells and whistles to the messaging party first like so many others have (looking over at Snap—-, Sling—-, or whatever today’s or tomorrow’s messaging flavor is), Wickr focused on bringing security and a stable user experience first to the table.