Privacy Matters — because this too affects how we build our business and brand.

Care About Messaging

Think About Ephemeral data is the future. Nico Sell, Wickr - 2014 In some ways, you can think of end-to-end encryption as honoring what the past looked like Moxie…

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The New Wickr

Wickr Still Rocks

Wickr is the EFF 5 star privacy messaging app built for encrypted ephemeral messaging. It does not require an email address or phone number to sign-up for. It is really good.

The New Wickr Me Look

Wickr Features


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The Hoopla Over Snap Map

If privacy is the topic and some app or policy is trying to take more of it away, I’ll be first in the pitchfork line.

However, when I read about the privacy hoopla over Snap Map, Snapchat’s latest location based mapping feature, I’m left scratching my head.


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