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Something Hot in Gilroy

5th Street Was Smokin' It was the 2013 Gilroy Garlic City Fun Run & Car Show - with lighting of the famous Garlic Festival garlic bulb. It was worth the…

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My Quick Visit To Firefox 22

I Want To Believe With some of the great things being written about Firefox 22 (see Tom's Hardware Benchmarking), I thought Firefox 22 might be worth a looksie, maybe even…

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Are We Sipping The Same Tea?

Sharing the Flavor & a Story

A brand’s message is a flavor that makes a business distinctive. Every good story can be described in just a few words. I feel that what those words are, can make all the difference.

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Curving Pixels

I Like Curves Too many websites are still nothing but straight lines and 90 degree angles. I enjoy sites with rounded curves though. Straight lines are just boring. When working…

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