He Wrote What?

A Facebook VP Actually Wrote This “The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is de facto good. It is perhaps the only area where the metrics do tell the true story as far as we are concerned,” he wrote. “That isn’t something we are doing for ourselves. Or for our stock price (ha!). It is literally just what we do. We connect people. Period.” ~ Facebook Vice President Andrew “Boz” Bosworth ouch

Identify The Root Cause, Not The Symptoms

The Symptom Google and Facebook fight opt-in consent Google and Facebook no likey the idea … that would require broadband providers and websites to obtain users’ opt-in consent before they use Web browsing history and application usage history for advertising and other purposes or before they share that information with other entities.

Algorithmic Sorted Feeds Are Not The Solution

We Weren’t Looking For Filter Bubbles, Fake News Or Ad Tech Tracking I came across a post on social media this weekend suggesting that Snapchat needs to get with the algorithmically sorted feed craze—you know like Facebook and a bit more recently the official Twitter app experience.

Chunks of the Internet Down

Due to DNS Attack 10/21/16 09:55 AM It's time to steep some tea leaves and chill. Many websites are inaccessible due to a DDoS attack on a DNS service.

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