Google, How Many Bricks Are Enough?

Users Want Answers

Feel free to scroll to the bottom and just click the link for the Hacker News Google+ discussion taking place.

The real name policy that Google defends – and that puts a brick atop the head of what we call Google+ – has not been easy to swallow for many users, including those who have experience in this industry or in user experience.

The combining of a Google+ profile with one’s YouTube account and subsequent comments has not been sitting well with many. I’m not too sure why the claim that real names produce more insightful, mature, and polite comments is even offerred these days – too much evidence exists to the contrary as well as to its harm ( just it). However, whatever the beliefs are at the Google management table, user experience can not ignore the trend of hostility that many once happy Google users are now contributing too.

How many bricks have to be picked up by how many users before Google realizes that there is a problem?

The question below was recently asked on the Hacker News board :

Google employees, why is G+ more important than your users?

I think this is one of the most interesting and user-centric questions that I’ve seen in quite some time at Hacker News.

The discussion is important because it affects users of Google+, practitioners of user experience, and all of us using products that make us feel like picking up a brick over.

So please, take a couple of minutes and read the answers and discussions taking place now over :

Google employees, why is G+ more important than your users?

Rather than picking up a brick to toss at Google (or myself 🙂 ), feel free to join the conversation – there or here below.

iPhone Photos Are Sideways in WordPress

Sideways iPhone Photos

Taking a portrait (vertical) mode photo from the iPhone 5s, sharing it to a Mac, and then uploading it to WordPress reveals a frustrating problem – WordPress displays the photo 90 degrees rotated left (on its side).

Screen Watching With Class

Staring At A Screen

Thinking T

My advice when a site is stacked (visually vertical layout) rather than horizontal :

Steep some tea leaves and ask if you have the right class.

This is very true when looking at a site from a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or fonblet (yuck) screen and using a framework that is mobile first.

The CSS holds the key for a website that’s going to look good on any screen size. As often as I mark up text with HTML5, when creating a website, it’s the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that I stare at the most. It is here where we designers and tinkerers make a site pop.

Getting Our Classes Straight

Today’s website benefits from a responsive design approach. Mobile first frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation allow me to steep a site that’s going to work visually from a phone, tablet or laptop/desktop screen.

Using the right class (geeky pun?) simply means that some predefined style rules are written and used which allow the various sections of your website to visually deliver the proper brand message and experience required. This ranges from colors, fonts, headers, and menus to stacked vs horizontal layouts depending upon the device from which the site is viewed. There’s quite a bit more, but the mumbo jumbo simply boils down to :

I spend some time sipping through cups of tea while tweaking the layout and feel of your site.

Delivery of a responsive site means that I’m staring at different screens because your brand message and story is not just confined to a desktop view – not in today’s very mobile world.

It’s art as much as function – and quite fun for me.

So if you’re thinking about refreshing your site or starting from scratch, why not give me another reason to stare at more screens? TeazMedia plays with pixels all day long. I also tweet a lot about it to add to the fun. (Means I’m quite reachable and saner since I’m not talking out loud to myself in public – as much).

Okay, it’s also a good reason for me to steep more tea – there, you have the big picture now. Thank you for stopping by.

It would be an honor to have more screen time with your brand story.

My Cuppa Tea (Maker)

My Kind Of Entertainment

Perfect Tea Maker with Sakura Allure Green Tea

I absolutely love this gift from a client. If you love tea, I highly recommend this Teavana Perfect Tea Maker. It’s the best entertainment while writing a blog!

P.S. This is Sakura Allure Green Tea in the making.