Logic Doesn’t Apply

HeresThaTea: Some say truth is a hard topic. I disagree. Harmful words, hate speech and false news does not pass any logical smell test. Those who follow it will not…

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Join the BlockParty500 Hashtag

HeresThaTea: Although I stopped tweeting for now, I read about this campaign via my RSS feed. Ad dollars is what Twitter understands. TL;DR - block Fortune 500 Twitter accounts with…

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What Is Dehumanizing Speech?

HeresThaTea For about an hour, the group tried to get a handle on what constituted dehumanizing speech. ... There was no agreement on an answer. Parents are able to teach…

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It’s Impossible

HeresThaTea: Yep, I'm a big fan of The Impossible Burger! This is the company I expect to see big things from. If you haven't tried this burger yet and are…

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