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Algorithmic Sorted Feeds Are Not The Solution

We Weren’t Looking For Filter Bubbles, Fake News Or Ad Tech Tracking

I came across a post on social media this weekend suggesting that Snapchat needs to get with the algorithmically sorted feed craze—you know like Facebook and a bit more recently the official Twitter app experience.

The Algorithmic News Feed Problem

And The Filter Bubble

Facebook has been at the center of fake news stories and the resulting negative PR because its entire business model depends on and supports ad tech.

Ad money relies on views and clicks. So the more Facebook users “Like”, react and engage with content in the news feed, the more data gets fed into Facebook’s algorithms which are designed to put “engaging” posts and content in front of users. In other words, a filter bubble is naturally created to feed users with content that they believe in or support. Biases, prejudices and fake news get thrown into the mix if the algos think you’ll engage with it.

Ad Tech is Cancer

Stop Supporting It

The ad tech world is cancerous to the web. Rather than being a successful path for publishers and businesses to monetize their business models, ad tech has alienated end-users while earning a stigma equivalent to cancer.