Who To Follow? Not Twitter UX

What NOT to put on a resume: Twitter UX team, Who to follow Dev, Twitter CEO – As Seen On Twitter


This Who to follow “feature” sounds like a change request straight from the Facebook team.

One thing that is becoming quite clear, Twitter has no UX chops – or perhaps no UX team with power.

A true UX professional would NOT support the cluttered mess that the official Twitter Timeline has become. Between the “While you were away”, promoted tweets and conversation line clutter, a Frankenstein resurrection of the former Discover tab just adds to that conclusion.

Who to follow adds to the scrolling friction to reach the content we come to Twittter for under the incorrect assumption that we are unable to discover who to follow ourselves or maybe are Search morons.

I'm pretty sure that the UX team at Twitter has very little clout though and that the Who to follow idea is being shoved down the userbase from higher stakeholders. However, that kind of environment would drive true UX professionals out of Twitter.

So maybe the question is, “Does Twitter even have a UX team?”

Twitter, you leave us wondering every time you add clutter to our timelines.

Who to follow is probably not something the next Twitter CEO should want to add to their headhunter bio cover unless UX is completely meaningless to their next executive post.

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