Making My Life Easier

[Updated 02-13-16]

These are the apps and tools that save me work time so that I can steep more tea.

My cuppa tea awards go to :


  • Wickr for providing us with the best ephemeral messaging around. It’s private and secure (better than Snapchat). It’s earned its place as my de facto messaging app. Reach me there under ‘teaneedz’.
  • Ello for being the best user-centric social network and adtech-free. This is an oasis in the social media world that attracts a creative crowd and positive vibes.
  • Freedome from F-Secure is a solid VPN well worth the cost. I highly recommend this one.
  • Tweetbot 4 for keeping me on Twitter when its official app degrades UX.
  • Feedly for satisfying my RSS needs which never died like the tech pundits said.
  • Dropbox for keeping me synched and mobile – oh and understanding the importance of .md files.
  • Editorial App for an awesome Markdown solution with great customization support. It is my de facto note taker with lots of power-user sauce.
  • IFTTT / IF and the DO children apps that help automize my workflow and saves me time.
  • Todoist is a fantastic to-do app that links with other great apps.
  • Prompt 2 is a slick SSH client that makes managing remote servers a breeze.
  • Boreal App makes reading Hacker News enjoyable from the mobile side.
  • Airmail for iOS offers lots of customization for an email client, including the ability to resize photo attachments while composing new emails. It has a serious bug though that renders some emails as not having photo attachments when in fact they do.
  • Coda is the text editor to watch. It needs a little more baking time, but the dev team is pretty responsive and the app decent enough to use. Once you get over the UI learning curve, you realize how easy it can be to manage or edit sites on the go. It’s from the same team that offers Prompt 2.
  • 1Password is an awesome password manager that intgrates well with other apps and just works.


  • BBEdit for being the bearded dragon of text editors – the coolest baddest lizard of plaintext tomfoolery.
  • Airmail 2 for being a better solution to Apple mail and for supporting Markdown. I upgraded and did not have any issues. Love the new look.
  • iTerm2 for just being a great terminal for my Unixy ways.

Many thanks to the developers who make my life easier.

~ teaneedz

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