The Bootstrap Way I Love Bootstrap 3 Sometimes I read posts from haters of Bootstrap – a CSS website framework – and feel like I must not be one of the cool kids because I’m such a raving fan of it. Do those knocking down Bootstrap know something that I haven’t experienced? Bootstrap has a sizeable community […]

Please Keep Using Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap Foundation [Update]: This site was flavored with Bootstrap 3 but is now Foundation 6 built. (more on that later) Let’s be honest : A great many of us like sites that pop. Starting from a foundation that is quick to implement and solid on the standards allows us to build something that can shine […]

WordPress – The Bootstrap Markdown Way

I enjoy writing. When I want to escape the world of HTML and CSS, I go to markdown. I’ve written elsewhere about my markdown fetish, such as here: My Advice: Learn Markdown – teaneedz.

Being Griddy With Foundation

For A Responsive Website I spend a good part of my day working in a grid. A modern website often relies on a framework that allows it to adjust to any screen size. This is the essence of building a responsive site.

How Cards Break UX

Designers need to stop and really look at the often horrible state of cards as used almost everywhere on the web and in apps. From Google, Twitter and almost any hand-rolled website there are designers who think that they are on the bleeding edge of UX. They've preached the benefits of cards — those boxes […]

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