Facebook’s 2 Survey Question to Determine News Quality

Facebook will ask you or every other random user to identify “real” news. Here is the survey that could profoundly alter the news landscape for 2 billion people, in its entirety: Do you recognize the following websites? (Yes/No) How much do you trust each of these domains? (Entirely/A lot/Somewhat/Barely/Not at all). Ummmm, rigggghhhhttt. This will […]

Facebook News Feed Changes

Adjust Your Facebook Page Strategy Facebook is making significant changes to its news feed algorithm in an effort to prioritize “meaningful” person-to-person interactions among friends and family over posts from Facebook pages. These updates will result in fewer public posts from pages and fewer videos in the news feed.

About Those Twitter 280 Character Metrics

There were lots of pretty metric charts released in the official Twitter blogs that spin a good tale on why increasing the tweet count to 280 characters is no big deal. These are the questions a good product manager would ask though:

How To Restore Your Twitter Timeline To Display Only 140 Character Tweets

Use Tweetbot Tweetbot is the main reason that I still use Twitter at all these days. It just seems that bluebird management is a little weak when it comes to UX. Even the data they disclosed to support the change to 280 character tweets is flawed or measuring the wrong things—that’s a different (hopefully future) […]

Twitter Going To 280 Characters Bad For UX

So don’t expect people to read content that seems neither easily scannable nor relevant for them, therefore long text blocks, unnecessary instructions, promotional writing and “smalltalk” should be avoided on the web.

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